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This website aims to foster the growth of the Computational BIM Community of Practice, facilitating the open sharing of experiences and projects related to Computational BIM among industry professionals.

Computational BIM is an innovative problem-solving approach that involves using user-defined algorithms to automate the generation and manipulation of building-related information, resulting in improved work efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity gains.

The Computational BIM Community of Practice is growing due to shared interests in automation and innovation, with a focus on improving daily work processes. The community hosts bi-monthly information sharing sessions and periodic, topic-focused discussions, as well as hands-on workshops supported by Institutes of Higher Learning and solution providers. Members are interested in networking, collaborating, and exploring co-developed Research and Innovation (R&I) Projects for commercialized solutions.

The community comprises industry practitioners in the built environment sector, as well as experts from Institutes of Higher Learning, tech firms, solution providers, and public agencies. These members are developers, consultants, contractors, specialists, fabricators, manufacturers, suppliers, professors, researchers, students, software vendors, software solution providers, and public agency officers interested in exploring new approaches with Computational BIM for effective work methods in building design and construction.

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There are regular activities and sharing materials shared among the community members.

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