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Definition of Computational BIM 
Computational BIM refers to the innovative problem-solving approach where users define algorithms to have automated generation and manipulation of building-related information for better work efficiency, effectiveness and productivity gains (Computational BIM Workgroup, 2017).

This website is aimed to continue the growth of the Computational BIM Community of Practice, internationally, for open sharing in Computational BIM experiences and projects, by the industry for the industry.

This Computational BIM Community of Practice (CoP) in Singapore is growing naturally due to the common interest in computational BIM. 

The community members are able to learn through the bi-monthly sharing of information and experiences by the industry, and hands-on workshops supported by the Institute of Higher Learnings (IHLs) and solution providers.

There are also opportunities to network, to collaborate and co-develop research & innovative (R&I) projects and commercialised solutions depending on the interests and intent.

Who Joined
Currently, the community have approx. 300 members from above 100 organisations. They are comprised of practitioners, IHLs, Tech firms, solution providers and public agencies; they include developers, consultants, contractors, specialists, fabricators, manufacturers, suppliers, professors, researchers, students, software vendors, solution providers, officers from public agencies and individuals who are interested in computational BIM.

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