Computational BIM Community (from


From March to September 2017, a small group of invited practitioners and experts, whose special interest in using computational approach on BIM-based projects, formed a pro-tem 'Computational BIM' workgroup.

Former Centre for Construction IT (CCIT), which is the current DIGI of BCA, facilitated it, to explore the strategic adoption of 'Computational BIM' in Singapore's building design and construction projects.

The pro-tem 'Computational BIM' workgroup defined 'Computational BIM' as the innovative problem-solving approach where users define algorithms to have automated generation and manipulation of building-related information for better work efficiency, effectiveness and productivity gains.

The vision is for the widespread use of computational BIM in the building design and construction industry in Singapore, to improve the building design and construction processes, by setting up a strategic roadmap for the computational BIM adoption.

There were four focus areas discussed:
  • Build digital capabilities by collaborating with training and solutions providers to offer computational or programming courses and workshops for the building design and construction industry, and
  • Forge a community of practice in computational BIM with practitioners spreading the know-how and sharing experiences to the construction industry.
  • Curate use cases on actual projects with computational BIM approach together with the industry, IHL and solutions providers.
  • Explore research and innovative projects involving industry practitioners, institutes of higher learning, start-ups, interns and software vendors to test-bed new and innovative solutions.
Consequentially, events & publications, awards & competitions, workshops & training, courses & certifications,  pilot projects and collaborations were carried forward.

Below listed personnel were part of the pro tem Computational BIM group members:
  • Mr. Colin Yip, ARUP Singapore Pte Ltd
  • Mr. Dimitar Venkov, AECOM Singapore Pte Ltd
  • Mr. Vignesh Kaushik, DP Architects Pte Ltd
  • Mr. Michael O'Connell, Gammon Pte Limited
  • Mr. Kho Teok Siong, Kimly Construction Pte Ltd
  • Mr. Daniels Chandra, ONG&ONG Group Pte Ltd
  • Mr. Silas Loh, Rider Levett Bucknall Limited
  • Ms Lai Sun Mei, Rider Levett Bucknall Limited
  • Mr. Jugal Magwana, Royal HaskoningDHV Singapore Pte Ltd
  • Mr. Callum R McCulloch, Web Structures Pte Ltd
  • Ar. Aloysius Lian, Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD)
  • Assist. Prof. Stylianos Dritsas, Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD)
  • Dr. Thomas Wortmann, Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD)
  • Assoc. Prof. Robert Tiong, Nanyang Technological University (NTU)
  • Dr. Meghdad Attarzadeh, Nanyang Technological University (NTU)
  • Assoc. Prof. Patrick Janssen,
    National University of Singapore, School of Design & Environment (NUS-SDE)
  • Ms. Gloria Ng,
    National University of Singapore, Institute of System Science (NUS-ISS)
  • Mr. Kenneth Phang Tak Yan,
    National University of Singapore, Institute of System Science (NUS-ISS)