There are 2 other webinars in this coming October, on 12Oct (hosted by NIH) and 16Oct (hosted by SP). Registration link here:

12Oct 2020, Monday Webinar
Time: 4:30pm to 6:15pm
Host: Nordic Innovation House (NIH)
   4:30 - 4:35pm (5mins): Introduction (NIH)
   4:35 - 6:00pm (85mins): 5mins x 17 companies on Smart Cities’ solutions from the Nordic Countries
   6:00 - 6:15pm (15mins): Q&A 
Zoom Registration Link:
Smart Cities programme:
16Oct 2020, Friday Webinar
Time: 2:50pm to 5:45pm
Host: Chris HO. Singapore Polytechnic
   2:50 pm (10 min) Registration / Join Meeting
   3:00 pm (30 min) - Grasshopper Snapshot for Digital Versioning (GHShot) - Verina Cristie (SUTD)
   3:30 pm (30 min) - International Building Design Competition (computational BIM solutions)
   4:00 pm (30 min) - GRAPHISOFT Use Cases 2 - Jorge Beneitez (Enzyme)
   4:30 pm (30 min) - GRAPHISOFT Use Cases 3 - André Agi (LINK arkitektur)
   5:00 pm (30 min) - GRAPHISOFT sharing - Akos Karoczkai (GRAPHISOFT)
   5:30 pm (15 min) - Q&A
   5:45 pm - End of Session

About Jorge Benéitez: He is a Master Architect and Urban Planner by the Polytechnic University of Madrid (ETSAM).He has lived and worked in several countries across Europe, Asia and Africa. He is currently based in Hong Kong. Jorge co-founded enzyme in 2015 with the goal of pursuing a better implementation of technology and the development of methodologies to improve the design and building process. He is an ARCHICAD Registered Consultant and an expert on BIM and Computational Design, having developed workflows between both platforms seeking for better performance of the tools and enhancing the design capabilities of BIM workflows.

Complex public projects like auditoriums or stadiums present a great complexity of parameters and requirements that are difficult to meet with a conventional set of tools.

In these particular projects, computational tools can be of great help when it comes to design flexibility, optimization, and parameter-driven design, and when we use them in combination with BIM workflows we can add to these benefits the speed and accuracy of documentation and the coordination with other stakeholders.

With the last version of Archicad 24, we can also transform the desired geometry into structural elements that will not only contain the general geometry but also an analytical model to be shared with our structural engineers. For an optimized workflow, we must take into consideration the application of OpenBIM standards to our Rhino-Grasshopper geometry, applying a correct set of parameters, classifications, and information. Join us in this masterclass to know more about these workflows and details using as a sample project a Stadium developed for a recent Master planning scale project.

About André Agi: Graduated from Chalmers University of Technology in 2017, with Bachelor in Architecture & Engineering and Masters in Urban Design, he now works at Link Arkitektur as Lead Computational Designer in Sweden. He has a wide range of experience combining architecture and programming, and developing digital tools and workflows for projects at different project scales, integrating data-driven workflows in daily architectural challenges.

André will zoom in on how data, computation, and parametric design can influence design choices in urban design. How does on define what to measure in architecture and how can these criterions be combined in digital design tools that enables design intentions to respond to conditions, with some real world use cases to streamline processes, including:
  • Parametric Urban design: How to parametrically handle and deal with large scale projects
  • Tool for traffic noise prediction: A prediction method in Rhino for propagation of traffic noise on facades
  • Dimensionally reduction and clustering in generative design: How can we visualise high dimensional data so that it becomes understandable

About Akos Karoczkai: Akos is a Senior BIM Consultant and Algorithmic Design expert at GRAPHISOFT. He graduated from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics as an graduate architect, and he has been working at GRAPHISOFT for 6 years, as a Technical Support Engineer, then a BIM Consultant with the GRAPHISOFT - McNeel collaboration, to connect ARCHICAD with the leading parametric design solutions of Rhino and Grasshopper. He represented GRAPHISOFT in various conferences and for specialty client consultations and he is responsible for developing and delivering training workshops. His passion is experimenting and exploring new technologies with algorithmic design for automation.

There is a huge push from the stakeholders for bigger, better, faster and cheaper buildings. Akos will provide an overview of the tools and processes with GRAPHISOFT solutions, to help designers to live up to these challenges and design more efficiently.



25 Sep 2020, Friday Webinar
2:50pm to 5:45pm
Host: Chris HO. Singapore Polytechnic
Recorded webinar:

Agenda: Digital Design with Computational BIM (IDD sharing):
   2:50 pm : Registration
   3:00 pm : International Building Design Competition Works by SP&NP (Ardent) & NUS (Uzaya)
   3:30 pm : Ang Yu Qian, MIT, Sustainable Design Lab (Archi Sustainability Tools)
   4:00 pm : Viraj Voditel, Techture Technologies Pte. Ltd. (C&S Computational BIM Works)
                (any enquiries for Techture, may approach
   4:30 pm : Ehsan Mokhtary, First World Facade (Computational BIM by CYPE)
   5:00 pm : Rob Sanchez, China Construction (South Pacific) Development Co. Pte Ltd (As-built with                      Computational BIM via Dynamo-Revit)
   5:30 pm : Q&A
   5:45 pm : End of Session

Presentation slides from speakers (Jul 2019 - Jul 2020):
Join us @ now for the update & training
27 Aug 2020, 3:30pm - 5:00pm, Archicad 24 Product Overview and Demonstration
14 Aug 2020, 10am to 5pm Computational BIM Technical Workshop (RH-GH-ARCHICAD)- 
Speakers: Jorge Benéitez, Marcelo Morim, Carlo Riveral

24 July 2020, 2:15 pm - 5:30 pm, ONG&ONG Computational BIM Sharing Session
Objective: To promote the wide-spread use of computational BIM by having Bi-Monthly open sharing session, by the practitioners for the practitioners
Date: 24 July (Friday)
Time: 2:15pm to 5:30pm

Time and Agenda:
+ 2:15 pm: Registration / Join meeting
+ 2:20 pm: Past Events & Survey Report by PONG Woon Wei, DIGI/BERII
+ 2:30 pm: From Hacking to Design, the Story of Computation @ NBBJ by Mr Hash Kedia, NBBJ
+ 3:00 pm: Developing a workforce with computational BIM skills and knowledge: SIT experience by Prof. Fadeyi Moshood Olawale, SIT
+ 3:30 pm: Dynamo for DfMA by Mr KC HO, Autodesk
+ 4:00 pm: Computational BIM with Rhino.Inside.Revit for Digital Fabrication, Mr Mark Chng, Rhino
+ 4:30 pm: Computational BIM by ONG&ONG
+ 5:00 pm: Panel Discussion with
                       + Mr Hash Kedia, NBBJ                    
                       + Prof. Fadeyi Moshood Olawale, SIT
                       + Mr KC Ho, Autodesk
                       + Mr Mark Chng, Rhino
                       + Mr Daniels Chandra
+ 5:30 pm: End of Session

18 Jun Autodesk Dynamo Workshop
AM -
PM -

Digitise Construction Workflows for Better Quality and Improved Efficiency by Hexagon:

22 May 2020 Webinar
  3:15 pm - Registration
  3:30 am - John Rivas, Autodesk
  4:00 am - Ping Lei, CPG
  4:30 am - Jeremy Heng, CloudMile
  5:00 pm - Panel Discussion with Prof. Patrick Janssen, NUS (Moderator)
  5:30 pm - End of Session


12 May Sharing on Computational BIM for Sustainability:

Full day Dynamo-Revit Hands-on Online Workshop on 24 Apr (by Autodesk & SP)


  9:30 am - Dynamo Overview
10:30 am - Break
10:40 am - Generative Design for Revit (Project Refinery)
11:40 am - Lunch Break
12:30 pm - Dynamo workshop hands-on tasks
  3:00 pm - Hands-on task review session 1
  3:50 pm - Break
  4:00 pm - Hands-on task review session 2
  5:00 pm - Wrap-up
  5:30 pm - End of Session


'BEYOND ARCHITECTURE' - Graphisoft User Day Webinar on 23 Apr 5pm - 6pm

Opening - Edmund Lau
Integrated Modelling - Marcelo Morim & Chidambaram
OPEN BIM - Chidambaram
GRAPHISOFT Update - Edmund Lau


4th sharing session on Design Safety and VR
by ID Architects, Ar. Aloysius Lian & Autodesk

Date: 20 Mar 2020, Friday
Time: 3:15 pm to 5:30 pm
Venue: ID Architects' Office


Bentley Webinar: 

Accelerating full lifecycle BIM for buildings and infrastructure with digital workflows

Date: Wednesday, March 18, 2020
Time: 10:00 AM India Standard Time
Duration: 1 hour, 30 minutes


3rd sharing session on Construction Safety:
by Straits Construction, MagicSoft & Autodesk

Date: 17 Jan 2020, Friday
Time: 3:15pm to 5:30pm
Venue: Digital Building Innovation Centre (DBIC), SP, 500 Dover Road (Gate 1), S139651.


2nd Sharing Session on Documentation:
by Woh Hup, Autodesk & SP

Date: 20 Sep 2019
Time: 3:15 pm to 5:45 pm
Venue: The Forum, Block W5A, level 1 at Singapore Poly, 200 Dover Road (Gate 1), S139651.


International Building Design Competition - Workshops & Hands-on Training

Target Participants: Full-Time Students
Cost: Free

All workshops for the IBDC were completed successfully. We would need to thank the panel judges and the speakers who supported this competition and also to those who attended the workshops. Available presentation materials and recorded presentation videos were released on YouTube in the link below:


International Building Design Competition - Seminars & Hands-on Training

17/04/2019, Wednesday

1:00pm - Workshop on Graphisoft/Rhino/ArchiCAD/BIMX, 
                by Mr Marcelo Morim, GRAPHISOFT
3:00pm - Hands-on workshop on Graphisoft/Rhino/ArchiCAD/BIMX,
                by Mr Marcelo Morim, GRAPHISOFT

Shared Materials: 20190414 - GRAPHISOFT.pdf

Recorded Presentation by Marcelo Morim:

24/04/2019, Wednesday

1:00pm - Workshop on Sustainable Building Design, by Owen Wee, Surbana Jurong
2:30pm - Workshop on HVAC Tool, by Dr Alex Lee, Tian Building Engineering

Recorded Presentation by Dr Alex Lee:


Sharings from CYPE 

Open BIM Daikin: A software to calculate VRV systems. 
It is free software and it was developed by CYPE Ingenieros S.A. with the technical guidance and supervision of DAIKIN. 

Please refer more details from youtube link here:

Open BIM TOSHIBA: Design, analysis and BIM modelling of TOSHIBA VRF, Multi-split, Split 1x1 and aerothermal systems. More details from link here:

CYPETHERM Loads: Thermal load calculations of buildings accordingto the Radiant Time Series Method (RTSM) proposed by ASHRAE. This application is integrated in the Open BIM workflow using the IFC standard. 
More details from link here:

CYPETHERM HVAC and CYPEFIRE Sprinklers projects viewed in AR 

BIM lighting design with Revit and CYPE software 

CYPEFIRE FDS - Smoke control 

CYPEFIRE FDS - BIM Integration 

CYPEFIRE Hydraulic Systems 

CYPECAD projects viewed in AR 



26/04/2019, Friday

1:00pm - Workshop on DfMA, by Mark Denis Ong, P&T Consultants

Recorded Presentation by Mr Mark Denis Ong:


03/05/2019, Friday

1:00pm - Workshop on Mobius Modeller, by Prof Patrick Janssen, NUS
2:30pm - Workshop on Computational BIM, by Vignesh Kaushik, Gensler

Shared Materials: patrick_janssen_mobius.pdf
Recorded Presentation by Prof Patrick Janssen:


08/05/2019, Wednesday

1:00pm - Workshop on BIM 360, by John Rivas, Autodesk
2:30pm - Workshop on Fusion 360, by Chui Thiam Yaw, Autodesk

Design Collaboration through Cloud with Autodesk BIM 360 by John Rivas, Autodesk

Recorded Presentation on Fusion 360 Generative Design by Chui Thiam Yaw, Autodesk


10/05/2019, Friday

1:00pm to 4:00pm - Hands-on workshop on Dynamo Fundamentals, by John Rivas, Autodesk

Recorded Hands-on Workshop on Dynamo Fundamentals by John Rivas, Autodesk

Recorded Presentation on BIM360 by John Rivas, Autodesk:
1-BIM 360 classroom session
2-Generative design classroom session
2-Generative design classroom session 2
3-Dynamo Hands-on session


15/05/2019, Wednesday

1:00pm to 4:00pm - Hands-on session on Graphisoft/Rhino/ArchiCAD/BIMx, 
                                 by Marcelo Morim, Graphisoft

Recorded Hands-on workshop by Marcelo Morim, Graphisoft:


17/05/2019, Friday

1:00pm - Workshop on IDD, by Ms Jennifer Loh, Lum Chang Construction
2:30pm - Workshop on DfMA, by Ms Toh Xin Juan, BCA

Presentation Materials by Jennifer Loh, Lum Chang:
IDD Presentation - 17 may 2019


Integrated Digital Delivery through Computational BIM

Target Participants: Industry Practitioners

Date: 10 May 2019, Friday
Time: 1:30pm to 5:30pm
Venue: Academic Tower, Level 1, Auditorium T1-1
Address: BCA Academy, 200 Braddell Road, S579700


1:30pm: Registration
2:00pm: Advanced Computational Design: Bringing the future to today's Integrated Digital Delivery,                by Mr Andrew Harvey, Mott MacDonald Singapore Pte Ltd
2:30pm: Digital Architecture,
              by Mr Chander Gupta & Ms Jahzeel Magdadaro, ONG&ONG Group Pte Ltd
3:00pm: Integrated Parametric Computational Design - a new paradigm,
              by Mr Callum Ross McCulloch & Mr Robert Bamford, Web Structures Pte Ltd
3:30pm: Refreshment
4:00pm: Computational BIM by MEP, by Mr Saw Tun, Singapore Polytechnic
4:30pm: Computational BIM for PPVC,
              by Mr Basu Gurudas, Teambuild Engineering & Construction Pte Ltd
5:00pm: Change Management with Computational BIM,
              by Ir Yau Kung Yuen, Projalma Sdn Bhd
5:30pm: Graphisoft on Computational BIM, by Marcelo Morim
6:00pm: End of Masterclass

Fees : $290 (inclusive of GST), $46.07
           (Up to 90% WTU funding support for Singaporeans and Singapore PRs)
Contact person: WAN Thuan Teng (BCAA)
Phone: 6730 4522
CPD Points: 4 CPD points(BOA-SIA);

BCAA Link:


YouTube Video: from Mr. Saw Tun, SP from Mr. Saw Tun, SP from Ir. Yau Kung Yuen, Projalma Sdn. Bhd.


We have successfully completed the two days' hands-on Computational BIM workshop supported by GRAPHISOFT. We would like to thank and acknowledge GRAPHISOFT for their generosity to share the training materials here:

co-organisers and sponsors: BCA, DIGITALISATION (DIGI) &GRAPHISOFT
Target Audience: Singapore-based construction-related practitioners and IHL lecturers
Date: 26 & 27 July 2018
Time: 10am to 5pm
Location: BCA Academy, 200 Braddell Road, Block B, Level 2, B2-5, S579700
Registration link: closed
Details: Electronic Direct Mailer (EDM)

Day 1
10:00 am: GH/RH/ArchiCAD intro & Hands-on

  1:00 pm: Break
  2:00 pm: Examples and Use case demonstration
                 Teaming and Problem statement discussion
                  20mins Presentation 1 (WHAT) - Problem, Challenge, Method (by participants)

Day 2
10:00 am: Group Exploration, work around with GRAPHISOFT experts

  1:00 pm: Break
  2:00 pm: Examples and Use case demonstration
                 Teaming and Problem statement discussion
                 15mins Presentation 2 (HOW) - Translating problem to sequential logic and
                  step-by-step actions (by participants)


Negotiating Architectural Boundaries: Digital Design and Fabrication

Date: 29 June, Friday
Time: 1:30pm - 5:30pm
Location: Lecture Theatre 1A, Block 1A, Singapore Polytechnic, 500 Dover Road 139651
Registration link:
Hosted by: Singapore Polytechnic


Computational BIM Workshop - by the industry for the industry

Date: 13 April 2018, Friday
Venue: BCA Academy, Academic Tower, Auditorium T1-1
Address: 200 Braddell Road, S579700
Registration link:


1:15pm: Registration (walk-in registrations are welcomed)
1:30pm: Mr Thomas Wortmann (SUTD) & Mr Aloysius Lian (Architect)
2:30pm: Mr Vignesh Kaushik on Computational BIM (Designers)
3:00pm: Mr Choo Thian Siong on Computational BIM (SP)
3:30pm: 30mins Networking / Tea Break
4:00pm: Mr Darren Burrow on Computational BIM by (Beca)
4:30pm: Mr Lee Chuk Munn & Mr Veerapandi Prasanna (NUS-ISS)
5:00pm: Mr Edmund Leong on Computational BIM (Straits Construction)
5:30pm: Q&A, Present token of appreciation to speakers.

Note: The above workshop is free of charge and opens to the public to promote computational BIM adoption in Singapore supported by the industry for the industry


Date: 25 August 2017, Friday
Venue: BCA Academy, Academic Tower, Auditorium T1-1
Address: 200 Braddell Road, S579700

1:45pm: Registration (walk-in registrations are welcomed)
2:00pm: Patrick Janssen, NUS, Generative Design and Automated Options
2:30pm: Vignesh Kaushik, DP Architects, Computational BIM by Architects & Designers
3:00pm: Dimitar Venkov, AECOM, Computational BIM by MEP
3:30pm: 20mins Tea Break
3:50pm: Stylianos Dritsas, SUTD, Computational BIM Community Building
4:20pm: Colin Yip, Arup, Computational BIM examples by Engineers
4:50pm: Michael O’Connell, Gammon, Computational BIM examples by Builders

5:20pm: Introduction of NUS-ISS Python course and 
              lucky draw - Ipad pro sponsored by GRAPHISOFT!
5:30pm: End of Session